Serial BLE Board

Serial BLE IIoT Board

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Anuraco’s Serial BLE Board integrates RS-485, RS-232, SDI-12 and SDI-12 over 485 to Bluetooth® Low-Energy. Designed to seamlessly integrate and communicate with industrial devices. Connects with Bluetooth tech found in mobile phones, tablets and laptops via SensorSeer (iOS/Android app). Can be embedded in serial devices via direct solder, wire or 5 pole connector.

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RS-485 / RS-485 + 232 / RS-485 + SDI-12 / SDI-12 / + Modbus RTU


BLE 4.0+ low-power.


Reliable 20-30m range. Extend with gateways.

App Enabled

Integrate with smartphones for instant handheld metering.


4 unique LED indicators provide instant connection info.


Mode switch between RS-485 and SDI-12 for multiple device support.


Internal or external integration. Use BLE adaptor for field adaptor with rugged engineered housing.

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