Modular Technology Overview 

We pride ourselves on the full suite of embedded technologies included in our Solution packages.
Here’s a basic review of what Anuraco’s technology includes. Designed for engineers by engineers.

Communication Hardware

  • RS-485, RS-232
  • SDI-12, SDI-12 over 485 
  • BLE 4.0+, Bluetooth 
  • Modbus RTU

Sensor Support

  • Temperature, Pressure, Level
  • Conductivity, pH
  • Location, Wind Speed
  • Barometric Pressure, Flow
  • Turbidity, Ion Specific

App-based Software

  • iOS, Android apps
  • PC Windows 7 & 10+, Mac
  • API
  • COM port integration

Housing Types

  • Field, Submersible, Rugged
  • Indoor Industrial
  • Low-profile, Lightweight
  • Sensor-house Embedded

Data Integration

  • Data compliance .csv
  • Quick email
  • Bluetooth Wi-fi Gateways
  • Internet & Cellular Gateway
  • Server-driven Analytics

OEM Integration

  • Sensor suite integration
  • White-label App
  •  Application Analysis
  • Industry appropriate data formatting






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