Anuraco offers engineering IIoT Bluetooth solutions for serial devices dataloggers sensors meters
Anuraco designers and engineers complete connectivity links between wireless devices and serial digital interfaces.
We focus on bringing together serial protocols (RS-485, SDI-12, RS-232, Modbus RTU) and modern IoT devices (smartphones, smart displays, tablets, laptops and internet gateways).

Areas of expertise:

BLE to serial (RS-485, SDI-12, RS-232) 100%
Bluetooth Low-Energy 100%
Bluetooth 100%
Serial Devices 100%
Sensor Design 100%
Wireless Technology 95%
IoT 90%

What We Offer



As experts in serial-to-wireless technology (or “IIoT”), our team provides one-to-one consulting on product engineering, and best practices for implementing reality-based solutions for industrial, municipal, and environmental situations. We work with contract engineers at lean start-ups and in-house engineering teams of large companies. We especially appreciate innovators in the industrial monitoring space working on disruptive technologies and excellently engineered products.

Technology Expertise

We specialize in serial devices, sensors and delivering data. See our list of technologies for all the ways we can help you with your device and communication needs.

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Custom Engineering

We provide full-service engineering solutions, from hardware-only add-ons to full-scale product with OEM smartphone app development.

See a novel need for our technology in your field? We can consult, rapidly develop and engineer industry innovations together with your team, integrating the hardware solutions we’ve already accomplished.

Our team of experts can assess your current products and recommend straight-forward, robust and cost-effective modifications to upgrade your legacy devices.

Industries we work in

Air, Oil & Gas, Mining, Industrial Monitoring, Remote Monitoring, Smart Cities, Manufacturing, Natural Resources, Government

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OEM private labeling

To make your lloT product successful, Anuraco provides a range of OEM integration services including custom products with hardcore environmental specs and custom UI/UX app design integration.

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