BLE Serial Adaptor

BLE 485 Adaptor

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Anuraco’s BLE-485 Adaptor is a universal RS-485 to Bluetooth® adaptor. Designed to communicate with supported industrial devices and connect data to smartphones and IIoT.  Integrates with embedded Bluetooth in mobile phones, tablets and laptops via iOS, Android and PC apps. Standard protocol is RS-485 with Modbus RTU. SDI-12, or SDI-12 over 485 can be enabled.

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Single lithium battery, operate up to 5 years.


Reliable 20-30m range. Extend with gateways.

App Enabled

Integrate with smartphones for instant handheld metering.


Built for harsh outdoor and indoor environments.


Password protection option for securing devices.

Easy Install

Easy plug-in with round connector. Field serviceable.




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